Friday, April 27, 2007

Building stuff & Knitting

Last weekend Babygurl and I went out of town for an SCA event, and to visit family in Vermillion SD. It was small but fun. Did I remember the camera? yes! did I take pictures? no, I forgot. I did get one pic of Babygurl and grandma though.

She got to play with the kitties, the new dog, and the bunnies, she even mooed at the cows. I finished the flamingo blanket, and worked on my sock. Between the weekend and Thursday night knitting I got a lot more done!

The heel has been turned and I am now working on the gussets.
Tuesday I went over to Violet's to skein yarn. I got all but 5 pounds done. I still need to find time to dye it all up.
Wednesday I bought all the supplies to make a warping board to make self striping sock yarn. On Thursday I drilled the holes and installed the hardware, yesterday I stained it now I just need to do a coat of polyurethane then...self striping yarn! (assuming I can figure out the warping instructions. ) There will be pictures when it's done.
The rest of yesterday was spent doing laundry, and yard work. I got my tomatoes planted, so I will have delicious home grown ones instead of the unripe city tomatoes the stores try to pass of as good. I still have to plant my peas, and mow the lawn. As soon as Babygurl goes down for a nap, it's yard work time, then maybe I can get more dyeing done.

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deawn said...

The picture with Babygurl & Grandma is excellent! Keep me posted on the developments with your Ghetto Warping Board...

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