Monday, April 9, 2007

Survived Kansas

We went to Lawrence, KS to visit friends for Easter. We left Fri. evening and stayed with friends who live about 45 min. outside of Lawrence, got lost getting there because of construction, and no knitting in the car because it was dark. We arrived about 2am chatted for a bit and went to bed.

Sat. morning I woke up with a headache which progressed into a full blown migraine, no knitting then either. I had wanted to go to the Yarn Barn, but not with a migraine. Finally felt better about 8 pm so I could at least be social for a bit.

Sunday we got up and let the kids play(they have an 18mo old son), they had so much fun! we finally left about 5pm, and decided to stop by another friends house, got lost finding it too. I hate rural Kansas, their road signs make no sense! got there at 7 stayed for an hour, then left to go home. by the time we got to a road that we knew it was dark. no knitting.

The countryside was pretty, and we got to see a lot of scenery, and visit with friends we don't get to see enough, so most of the weekend was pretty good. But no knitting :(


dragon knitter said...

darn! i thought i was going to get to live vicariously through you, and sort of see the yarn barn. i'm sorry you had a migraine. they suck! i actually had one on sunday, and almost had to make mark let me drive, to contain the nausea (i get carsick if i'm not careful, and having a headache makes it that much worse)

deawn said...

That's okay. Kansas (as you know) has been making me sick for years.