Friday, April 13, 2007

Cauldron boil, and cauldron bubble

Yesterday was pretty busy, my husband went to a tattoo convention in Seattle, WA. His flight was at 11:57 am but, we got there and it had been cancelled. He talked to the ticket people and got onto a flight at 2:45. Then I dropped babygurl of at the sitter's, and went to the LYS, where I run the S&B from 5pm to 8pm. I got to work on my other sock!

The first sock finished, with the 2nd sock started, Babygurl in her jammies and mom's sock.
It's been awhile since I worked on my socks, I almost forgot where I was in the pattern, luckily Jaywalkers are easy. :)
Today when we got up I decided to do some dyeing. I got every thing ready, had lunch, and then nap time!!!!

Baby sleeping = mommy dyeing

Isn't she cute!

Dyepots on the stove

This isn't how I usually dye stuff, I like hand painting a lot more, but I've had a few requests for more solid colors. Usually when I do immersion dyeing the yarn gets tangled, so I put more ties on the skeins this time. Hopefully the color will turn out somewhat even too.

I did a batch of yellow and a batch of orange each is 1lb. of cotton and 1/2lb of linen.

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dragon knitter said...

i was gonna say don't forget my magenta sock yarn, but you don't have any, do you. that's ok, christmas is a long way away, lol