Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The baby is out!

baby boy
born 9-7-08
8lb 8oz
21 1/4in







Sunday, August 10, 2008

no more hiatus

I'm back from every where, but i just don't feel like blogging, I've been knitting some socks, and made some stitch markers, making some beaded frogs and in general feeling like not doing anything I should be. we're still struggling with picking out a name for the baby brother. only about a month to go! I have a lot of house cleaning to do!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

shop update

OK so I updated the shop at on the 11Th but I didn't have pictures for some of the rovings I put up. I hope to get pictures taken tomorrow afternoon while the light is good, hopefully the 2 year old child will cooperate as well. I also hope to get some pictures of the new yarns I got to make baby socks. other than that I've just been traveling a lot. so far I don't have anywhere i have to go in August so I guess I'll get caught up on some stuff then?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It's been a bit hectic around here, a lot has been going on. I got another order for The Loopy ewe, then a few days before memorial day my mother in law passed away. then we had a vacation planned to go to Lilies war(an SCA Event) friends of ours came from England so we wanted to see them. I forgot my camera so hopefully I can get some pictures from someone. We just got back from that and I shipped out the loopy order yesterday. On Saturday we are having a memorial service for my MIL, and then we are traveling out to the east coast to spread the ashes in the ocean.

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Yarns!

I have updated the shop with some new Splendiferious yarns:

henrietta, splendiferious

Covered in BEES
covered in bees, splendiferious

Tin Roof
tin roof, splendiferious

I have also sent more roving duo's to The Loopy Ewe
orchid dream duo, merino superwashking of hearts duo, merino superwashsleepy doormouse duo, merino superwashfrog footman duo, merino superwash
caterpillar duo, merino superwashbill the lizard duo, merino superwashgoblin seas duo, merino superwashgoth chick duo, merino superwash
Top row: Orchid dream, King of hearts, Sleepy doormouse, Frog footman

Bottom row: Caterpillar, Bill the lizard, Goblin seas, Goth chick

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bad blogger,

I have been a really bad blogger lately, sorry. I have some easter pictures I finally put up on flickr. I've been pretty busy with another order from the Loopy Ewe and of course we had to go to Reno for a Tattoo convention while I was trying to get stuff dyed, so now I'm a little behind.
Reno was pretty fun there were some screw-ups with the hotel room(s) but it all got straightened out (with upgrades). Babygurl liked the convention and met a lot of "new friends" as she called them. Pretty much anyone with tattoos was her new friend. She had such a blast going to the big parties (NTA members banquet, award ceremony) and she did really well on the airplanes to and from Reno.

O.K. so here are the easter pictures first:

Easter morning we had an easter egg hunt Grandpa Thom came over to help.
the easter egg hunt

opening the easter egg toys w/ grandpa Thom

showin daddy the easter egg toys

After that Grandpa Bill, Grandma Jane brought Tante K down to spend a few days with us. We went out to dinner with them and then dyed eggs when we got home. After grandma and grandpa left Tante K dyed some yarn with the leftover egg dyes(but I didn't take a picture of it.).
our eggs

on Mon we went to the Zoo.
babygurl & ray

jellyfish & us

babygurl loves giraffes 3

crossing the bridge w/ tante k

Oh yeah then the easter fairy showed up.
the easter fairy?

We got new swimming suits so we could go swimming in Reno. Unfortunately they were doing construction so the pool was closed.
babygurl's new swimmi suit

and here are the Reno pictures:

Babygurl & Daddy
Babygurl & Daddy

Some of her "friends"
Hugs form "Grandma" Sharon


Daddy Jason & Eriq W/ Babygurl.
Awards are so booooring!

" Bees on your cane, Bees on my dress, WOW!"
Your cane has Bees, My dress has Bees!

King size beds are great for jumping.
hotel beds are fun to jump on!

Rough night.
Rough Night

Babygurl and Daddy with the guys from Canada.
Scott, Paul, Babygurl, Daddy

Waiting for our plane with Jason and mr. kitty.
babygurl at the airport w/ Jason

Monday, March 17, 2008

shop update

Well I finally updated the shop with some cultivated silk and merino tencel rovings. I have a couple more yarns done but have yet to take pictures of them. I still feel kinda yucky until about 5 pm-ish and by then all the good picture taking sunlight is gone. On another note I finished the 24lb roving order for the Loopy Ewe and got it sent off on time, it should be up this week sometime. Yay!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

travel, dyeing and rabbits.

Morning sickness (read all day nausia) really sucks and needs to go away! I haven't had the energy to do much of anything. the dishes are piled up and so is the laundry. Babygurl and I went up to Vermillion for an SCA event 2 weekends ago. I got to do some visiting and she got to play with some kids her age.

I got a new respirator, and the dyes (some of them)that I ordered got here last tuesday. On Thursday and Friday I dyed 12 lbs of the 24lb order I have to fill, now I'm still waiting on the rest of the dyes to finish . Hopefully they will be here tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed.

I created a tutorial on how to get your rabbit to like your 2 year old, it's very easy!

Give 2 year old a sliced apple. It gets results.

Babygurl & jack 2

Babygurl & jack 3

Babygurl & jack kisses

Babygurl & jack

I have finally gotten the pictures uploaded for Sebastians strings and Hertzkerig so here they are:

Sebastian's strings
Babygurl at sebastians strings, ridind the pony
Riding the horsey

Babygurl at sebastians strings, trying on Hagan's crown
Trying on Hagan's crown.

Babygurl at sebastians strings, trying on Hagan's crown
Oops, too big.

Babygurl at sebastians strings, holding baby Isaac
Holding Isaac


Baron Thomas in his new court garb
Baron Thomas wearing his new court garb.

Hertzkreig court 4
Getting the award of the martyr.

Hertzkreig court 3
"Why yes your majesty, it IS burlap."

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

my fortune cookie

My Fortune Cookie told me:
Sheep will begin to unsettle you.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The main reason for not getting any dyeing done....

I need a new respirator....
I'll get into that more in a minute, first I want to show some pictures. I've been trying to get some of these posted since Christmas!

Babygurl playing with her kitchen at Grandma Lois's house. She was cooking eggs and cauliflower.
Cooking at grandma's

Babygurl's new bear.
Christmas at Grandma Lois's

Opening presents at Grandpa Thom's that evening.
Babygurl opening presents at grandpa Thom's

Sharing her new puzzle with cousin Catie.
Babygurl & cousin Catie sharing!

Watching muppets and eating cookies.
Babygurl & cousin Catie

Babygurl's new big girl bed with her great grandma made quilt. She looks so small, and it's only a twin size.
Babygurl's new bed

The Pooh "shirt" is actually a sun dress that my mom made for her, with a long sleeve shirt underneath.
Pooh shirt

One of the kitties at Grandma & Grandpa's farm.
kittie in the car

Babygurl Holding Hagan's drinking horn at a local 12th night SCA event.
12th night, Babygurl is a viking!

Daddy & Babygurl Talking to Ellis & Del.
12th night

OK, now back to the reason I need a new respirator. The one I used the last time I was pregnant is covered in plaster gunk and dust from remodeling the Bathroom.

We found out the day after my birthday that goblin-baby #2 should be arriving sometime in September. I have a Dr. appointment on Tuesday and should have more info then.