Friday, May 23, 2008

New Yarns!

I have updated the shop with some new Splendiferious yarns:

henrietta, splendiferious

Covered in BEES
covered in bees, splendiferious

Tin Roof
tin roof, splendiferious

I have also sent more roving duo's to The Loopy Ewe
orchid dream duo, merino superwashking of hearts duo, merino superwashsleepy doormouse duo, merino superwashfrog footman duo, merino superwash
caterpillar duo, merino superwashbill the lizard duo, merino superwashgoblin seas duo, merino superwashgoth chick duo, merino superwash
Top row: Orchid dream, King of hearts, Sleepy doormouse, Frog footman

Bottom row: Caterpillar, Bill the lizard, Goblin seas, Goth chick