Saturday, January 19, 2008

The main reason for not getting any dyeing done....

I need a new respirator....
I'll get into that more in a minute, first I want to show some pictures. I've been trying to get some of these posted since Christmas!

Babygurl playing with her kitchen at Grandma Lois's house. She was cooking eggs and cauliflower.
Cooking at grandma's

Babygurl's new bear.
Christmas at Grandma Lois's

Opening presents at Grandpa Thom's that evening.
Babygurl opening presents at grandpa Thom's

Sharing her new puzzle with cousin Catie.
Babygurl & cousin Catie sharing!

Watching muppets and eating cookies.
Babygurl & cousin Catie

Babygurl's new big girl bed with her great grandma made quilt. She looks so small, and it's only a twin size.
Babygurl's new bed

The Pooh "shirt" is actually a sun dress that my mom made for her, with a long sleeve shirt underneath.
Pooh shirt

One of the kitties at Grandma & Grandpa's farm.
kittie in the car

Babygurl Holding Hagan's drinking horn at a local 12th night SCA event.
12th night, Babygurl is a viking!

Daddy & Babygurl Talking to Ellis & Del.
12th night

OK, now back to the reason I need a new respirator. The one I used the last time I was pregnant is covered in plaster gunk and dust from remodeling the Bathroom.

We found out the day after my birthday that goblin-baby #2 should be arriving sometime in September. I have a Dr. appointment on Tuesday and should have more info then.


rachel said...

yay baby!!!! i like being an aunt. :) the picture of ava with hagan's horn is AWESOME, by the way.

Elyse said...

Oh that's awesome! Congrats to you both! No ink for a bit though? :( I'll just have to get enough for the both of us ;P Your daughter is gorgeous by the way. She looks just like you!