Thursday, February 14, 2008

travel, dyeing and rabbits.

Morning sickness (read all day nausia) really sucks and needs to go away! I haven't had the energy to do much of anything. the dishes are piled up and so is the laundry. Babygurl and I went up to Vermillion for an SCA event 2 weekends ago. I got to do some visiting and she got to play with some kids her age.

I got a new respirator, and the dyes (some of them)that I ordered got here last tuesday. On Thursday and Friday I dyed 12 lbs of the 24lb order I have to fill, now I'm still waiting on the rest of the dyes to finish . Hopefully they will be here tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed.

I created a tutorial on how to get your rabbit to like your 2 year old, it's very easy!

Give 2 year old a sliced apple. It gets results.

Babygurl & jack 2

Babygurl & jack 3

Babygurl & jack kisses

Babygurl & jack

I have finally gotten the pictures uploaded for Sebastians strings and Hertzkerig so here they are:

Sebastian's strings
Babygurl at sebastians strings, ridind the pony
Riding the horsey

Babygurl at sebastians strings, trying on Hagan's crown
Trying on Hagan's crown.

Babygurl at sebastians strings, trying on Hagan's crown
Oops, too big.

Babygurl at sebastians strings, holding baby Isaac
Holding Isaac


Baron Thomas in his new court garb
Baron Thomas wearing his new court garb.

Hertzkreig court 4
Getting the award of the martyr.

Hertzkreig court 3
"Why yes your majesty, it IS burlap."


caillie said...

Great photos!! The bunny is still almost as big as she is. :-)
Great shots of Toms garb! It really looked cool!
I hope you get the rest of that dye so you can get that big order finished. Good Luck!

rachel said...

te he, those are some good pictures! we should send one of tom to erin