Thursday, May 3, 2007


The warping board is finished, and has been warped! I used bolts instead of the metal rods because I didn't want to cut the rods, but I think I need to cut the tops off of the bolts on the single side so I can get the yarn off easier. The tops have to stay on the double side so I can get them in and out still.

Now I hope I wound the yarn correctly. I guess I'll find out after I dye it and knit a swatch. :)

I dyed some more angelina fiber along with some other yarns, they turned out much better than the first one. Maybe the heat setting was all it needed.

These are actually the colors they are supposed to be. :)

Apparently blogger won't let me put any more pictures in this post, so tomorrow I am going to learn how to use flicker. I will give the details of the rest of my dyeing then.

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Alcariel said...

I have never been happy with blogger's stupid idea of how many pictures it will let you put in. Definetely use flickr or photobucket.