Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well we survived all of the xmas traveling!
We had a lot of fun while we were gone. Babygurl got lots of toys and books. TH got a craftsman cart for his miniatures stuff, and some DVDs. I got lots of cool stuff including the new Cat Bordhi sock book, Knit picks Harmony dpns, and a new camera. My sister also gave us some great framed pictures of Babygurl.

Now that the madness is (somewhat) over, I'm trying to get the website updated. I also have to set up a shop page for TH on the nuclear ink website. Aaarghh! work stuff ! Before any work stuff gets done though, Babygurl and I have to go buy stuff for her new big gurl bed that we got yesterday.


caillie said...

work work work...Yuck!!!
A new big gurl bed YAY!!!!

Good Luck with getting all the work part finished!!

rachel said...

Happy Birthday Big Sister!

I hope you have a good day!