Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween adventures

For Halloween this year we bought Babygurl an Elizabeth Swan costume, It was very cute on her even though it was a little too big. we put it on when we got it home and she wanted it off after about 15 minutes, so we waited a couple of days and tried again she wouldn't even try it, she screamed and ran away! Soo...we took it back to the store and got an Alice costume instead, she loved it and wouldn't take it off. I had to scramble to make costumes for Tattoo Husband and me. He went as the Mad Hatter and I was the White Rabbit.

my little Alice

my little Alice (2)


my little Alice (3)

Babygurl even helped with the pumpkins she picked out. Sshe did the top one with a sharpie and I did the bottom one, they were both very small so I couldn't carve anything intricate.
Babygurl's jack-o-lantern

my jack-o-lantern


rachel said...

she even has good taste in candy! :) smarties are my favorite.

your costumes look awesome!

caillie said...

She looks adorable!! In fact you all do!! Nice costumes for a scramble. She does look like Alice.
I am glad you had a great Halloween!!!