Tuesday, July 17, 2007

knitting & tattoos

On Tues. Babygurl decided she needed some tattoos to match mommy and daddy, so she drew some herself. When daddy got home from work she showed him, then gave him a marker and held out her arm for him to do some.

Colorful Babygurl
It was crayola washable markers so it came right off.

Do knitting and tattoos go together? The answer is yes.
We left on Wed. evening for Kansas City, MO, for the annual APT's Tattoo Rendezvous . We had fun, while Tattoo Husband was working, Babygurl and I wandered around, went swimming, and visited people. She made quite an impression.

convention kisses
convention 1
convention 2
Babygurl with daddy's cousins

She loved looking at all of the tattooed people, and got to play with some kids about her age, and daddy's cousins. She flirted with all the guys, and chatted with all the women.

I got to meet some pretty cool people, one woman made some cool jewelry. The photographer's wife watched me working on the baby jays and said " now I have to go home and learn to knit." By the end of the convention I had finished the jays, working off and on while Babygurl was napping, and even cast on for the drunken jaywalkers with some Tub o Gin self striping.

almost done!

Baby jays finished!

Drunken Jaywalker to be


SagePixie said...

Awesome photos!
I still think those baby jays are adorable. I'll have to cast some on myself soon.

The tattoo convention for LAcm is about 20 min from my house this weekend BUT it's my daughters birthday and we are taking her to Disneyland so I can't make it :-(

dragon knitter said...

baby gurl is so cute! she's going to grow up to be the tattooed lady, fer sure.

the baby jaywalkers are so cool, and i can't wait to see how the drunken jaywalkers come out with the tub o' gin

rachel said...

i was wondering when she'd demand her first tattoo! :)

Dharmafey said...

Awww! My Roman does the same thing! I have some pics in my blog archives :) And, tats and knitting totally go together. I'm making Coachella now just to show my backpiece.

J Morgetron said...

My daughter likes to play "tattoo shop". (She's five.) One time she stood up during the children's moment in church and said, "I have a tattoo on my face yesterday!"

We are tattooed mama and daddy too. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Your daughter is adorable. You have a very sweet family.


Desiree said...

We're tattoo'd Mama and Daddy too! My kids draw tats on themselves too, but with sharpies. LoL!

I LOVE those socks you knit for your baby girl, awesome!!