Monday, September 24, 2007

Settling back in....ahhh!

Finally settling back into some sort of routine after all of the traveling. Babygurl is still staying up too late (but so am I). My studio is almost organized, I just have a few bins of misc. stuff to sort through, and two bins full of fabric scraps to sort and toss. I still have to clean up my dyeing room a bit though, I have two fleeces in bags in the middle of it. :) While I was at the SD state fair I got a 3rd place rambouillet fleece, and a babydoll fleece for $15 I'm so excited! now I just have to decide if I want to send them out for processing. I finally got the Stste Fair pics uploaded too.


wanna boogie?
Anybody wanna boogie?

babygurl and grandpa
Babygurl watchin a DVD and chillin with Grandpa

and here's some pictures after we got home

She wanted the whole loaf.

Helping daddy read his new book.

Babygurl and Daddy
Say Cheese!

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rachel said...

your kid is way too cute.