Friday, August 24, 2007


O.K., so I haven't blogged in a while... I have a good excuse though. I went to Montana, then babygurl and I got sick the day before we came home. A fever and chills sure made the 16 hour car trip more fun.Ha Ha! Then she got an ear infection and I got a sinus infection. Yay more fun!
Any way here are some pics from the trip.

The Crazy mountain range
the Crazy mountain range. that's really it's name!

on the first day there we hiked up to a waterfall.

Old faithful
we went to yellowstone, and saw old faithful. It didn't go off til after dark so no eruption pics.

the lodge sign by our cabin.

the buffalo, (or buffafo as babygurl calls them) across the street from our cabin.

even more Montana on fire
more Montana on fire
Montana on fire
Montana on fire. this is not clouds, people it's smoke!

I did have some time to work on my projects, I finished a little over 1/4th of the edgeing on the lantern blankie, and two mini socks.
I told T.H. I wanted a picture of me knitting in yellowstone, but we didn't get one.

mini sock, sandstone
mini sock, Goblin Elbow Blue

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Caillie said...

Awesome photos!!! She is getting soooo big!!!
I am glad you had a fun trip!! Cute socks too!!! You so have to teach me how to make them!