Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bad blogger,

I have been a really bad blogger lately, sorry. I have some easter pictures I finally put up on flickr. I've been pretty busy with another order from the Loopy Ewe and of course we had to go to Reno for a Tattoo convention while I was trying to get stuff dyed, so now I'm a little behind.
Reno was pretty fun there were some screw-ups with the hotel room(s) but it all got straightened out (with upgrades). Babygurl liked the convention and met a lot of "new friends" as she called them. Pretty much anyone with tattoos was her new friend. She had such a blast going to the big parties (NTA members banquet, award ceremony) and she did really well on the airplanes to and from Reno.

O.K. so here are the easter pictures first:

Easter morning we had an easter egg hunt Grandpa Thom came over to help.
the easter egg hunt

opening the easter egg toys w/ grandpa Thom

showin daddy the easter egg toys

After that Grandpa Bill, Grandma Jane brought Tante K down to spend a few days with us. We went out to dinner with them and then dyed eggs when we got home. After grandma and grandpa left Tante K dyed some yarn with the leftover egg dyes(but I didn't take a picture of it.).
our eggs

on Mon we went to the Zoo.
babygurl & ray

jellyfish & us

babygurl loves giraffes 3

crossing the bridge w/ tante k

Oh yeah then the easter fairy showed up.
the easter fairy?

We got new swimming suits so we could go swimming in Reno. Unfortunately they were doing construction so the pool was closed.
babygurl's new swimmi suit

and here are the Reno pictures:

Babygurl & Daddy
Babygurl & Daddy

Some of her "friends"
Hugs form "Grandma" Sharon


Daddy Jason & Eriq W/ Babygurl.
Awards are so booooring!

" Bees on your cane, Bees on my dress, WOW!"
Your cane has Bees, My dress has Bees!

King size beds are great for jumping.
hotel beds are fun to jump on!

Rough night.
Rough Night

Babygurl and Daddy with the guys from Canada.
Scott, Paul, Babygurl, Daddy

Waiting for our plane with Jason and mr. kitty.
babygurl at the airport w/ Jason