Saturday, October 13, 2007

green tomatoes

It's October and I still have green tomatoes. OCTOBER! and they're still flowering too! I can't believe it. Don't they know they were supposed to be ripe a moth ago so we could eat them all.
silly tomatoes. I guess I'll have to bring them inside to ripen before the frost kills them.

Babygurl decided she wanted to wear daddy's leather jacket while I was at a stitch & bitch on tuesday.

my jacket now!

lookin cool

Babygurl, that jacket is a little big!

She also likes to ride on the Giant killer bunny with sharp nasty pointy teeth, that TH got me for X-mas last year.

Babygurl's trusty steed

Ok now the stuff I'm working on: the sun blankie, I'm crocheting the edge I did a blanket stitch around, now I'm in the process of doing a single crochet, then I will do a scallop.

Sun blankie

The Drunken jaywalker, not much done but I'm into the patterning now. I've kinda put this on the back burner cause I have to get other stuff done for christmas/before babies are born.

Drunken jaywalker just past cuff

The mini socks, 2 left to knit! then I will have all of them done for the christmas ornaments.

mini sock, tropical fruit

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Web store update

I have been going insane trying to get my web store up and running. I finally ordered the zen cart book. I figured out most of the product listings and stuff i just have to get them put in, then it will at least be functional. Hopefully by the end of next week. I can make it prettier once I get the book.